Lyndsy Moffatt

My son is not a typical 14 year old boy. In my opinion, he’s a million times better and I wouldn’t rather have him any other way.

I think most people with autism have exceptional abilities and thought processing abilities FAR beyond “neurotypical” people. My son’s ability to play music by ear without any practice or lessons is one example of that. But most of my clients’ can’t see those abilities in their children (as I couldn’t ten years ago either) because they often have leaky gut or too many food or environmental sensitivies causing them all kinds of brain fog and even self-harm.

This morning my son juggled a couple of apples before he washed one, and said, “mom, look!” He said, “I couldn’t do this when I was little, but now I can!”

I imagine most 15 year old boys wouldn’t still be in the “mom watch me do this” phase and still let me cuddle them but I love that my son still is!!

My 12 year old daughter is in her preteen not-interested-in-hanging-with-mom phase and it makes appreciate all the more that my son still is.

I watched him juggle the apples with so much joy. Then he washed one up and grabbed a knife and sliced it up. He prepares most of his own snacks and meals these days except for what I cook for the family.

He is becoming more and more independent and showing more and more signs of maturity too, which I love for him. He’s been more assertive and is really stepping into his confidence, and his ability to do everything for himself. He even jumps in front of me now if I go to feed the dogs and says, “I’ll do it,” he brings in all the groceries himself (volunteers to do it too!) and is the most happy-to-be-helpful person I know.

He tells me his dreams of having a wife (and trying to get his first girlfriend next year), he talks about how he’ll parent his children, and he has been doing all kinds of new things lately and says “mom, look - I’m acting like an adult.” It’s the cutest thing and I know from 14 - 18 is going to be the amazing transformation before my eyes I have yet to even experience.

It’s WEIRD watching your children grow into adults - isn’t it?! It’s truly wild.

He just started singing in the shower a few days ago, which I wondered if that was another change/advance from the hydrogen water? He does all his own self-care and is incredibly creative and talented and has BIG dreams he shares with me too.

He is the best behaved teen I know. He’s the easiest person to please. He is also the happiest person I know. He eats healthier than anyone I know too, happily- by choice.

I say my son recovered from severe nonverbal autism, because he did. He couldn’t do much of anything before, he couldn’t even make eye contact, go to the bathroom, or sleep. He just screamed for hours on end and was trapped in his own mind for years and years, and I’m so glad I helped him heal with GAPS nutrition, detox and positive beliefs / mindset.

Although these things like talking, self-care, brushing teeth and hair, showering, picking out one’s clothes, making their own bed, and preparing one’s’ own foods may seem incredibly minor to others, these things are monumental and have been life-changing for me and my clients!

I was once my son’s 24-hour caregiver, and couldn’t even leave him with a paid babysitter. Now everyone literally tells me they want to trade me their child and take him home with them He brings everyone around him so much joy.

All the years of hard work has certainly paid off. My son is not a typical boy, he’s a million times better.

I don’t think people with autism should “heal” and “recover” and become people who don’t have autism. I think people with severe autism who struggle with every day living should “heal” and “recover” so that they can become people with autism who don’t struggle, and who thrive on every level.

Just in case it wasn’t clear before. 

Lyndsy Moffatt

About the Author

Lyndsy Moffatt is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Coach who specializes in helping parents of children and adults with autism & ADHD.

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