Dr. John Green says preventing Autism IS possible! Learn more about how to prevent Autism Spectrum Disorders and have a healthy, happy baby with Dr. Green.

Ooops! It looks like YouTube has removed Dr. Green's video for violating its' terms of service. Good thing, I had already pasted a copy of the transcript below, regarding the prevention of Autism with Dr. Green, so you can just read it rather than watch. Enjoy!

"Hello my friends, I'm Dr. John Green, the founder of the Evergreen Center. I went to welcome you to our prevention project. So do my grandsons, say "hi" boys.

In the Prevention Project we put together guidelines for a safe, healthy, happy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Well, no one knows the cause of this skyrocketing with the more than 10,000% increase in cases in the last one and a half generations.

We do know that it's not a simple genetic issue.

There are many studies that show risk factors that can be addressed safely and relatively simply to reduce your risk of the baby you're carrying, being injured and developing Autism.

Some of the high points we focused on are genetic expression through the folate methylation pathway, environmental toxins, inappropriate and excessive use of diagnostic ultrasound, especially early in pregnancy. Overzealous use of vaccines that are unproven and not entirely safe. Prenatal supplements that have forms of synthetic folic acid that the body doesn't use well in many people. And many lifestyle factors that influence risk or protection for Autism and the incoming child.

We've put these guidelines together and over 70 pages of information for your use to help you with your obstetrician or midwife to make choices to protect your baby.

We've seen a great amount of success in high risk families who have one, two, and sometimes three children with Autism who successfully bring a healthy, neurotypical child into the world using the care that we're suggesting. We have seen this in our practice and many of my colleagues have had similar success.

You can prevent Autism in the majority of pregnancies.

So welcome to our project. We're delighted to share what we've learned and learn together about how to even better protect our children, the future of our world. Thank you for joining with us."

I hope you enjoyed watching Dr. Green discuss preventing Autism. For more information on The Prevention Project click here.

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Lyndsy Moffatt is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Coach who specializes in helping parents of children and adults with autism & ADHD.