Lisa Ackerman interviewed 100 of the top doctors in America that are helping children with autism. Then she filmed a video to share the top 3 mistakes that they say parents are making when it comes to helping their children.

Watch the video to hear what they are or read their answers below.


Hi, I'm Lisa Ackerman. Welcome back to TACA Facts. We hear questions all the time and we want to give you the answers that help make your journey and autism easier and more navigable. Less than a year ago we interviewed the top 100 doctors in the United States working with children on the spectrum and we asked them a question in the cloak of secrecy, "What are the top three mistakes parents living with autism do?"

Number one, and the one that makes me laugh the most is-- when they use their physician as a marriage and family therapist. One, the doctors told me it made them uncomfortable and two, they were highly unqualified to provide that type of advice. So the night before your physician appointment with your MAPS doctor: get together with your spouse or significant other and write out the list of the targets and the agenda that you want to cover at the physician's appointment. Get in sync, and then you'll be definitely spending less time and not making that doctor so uncomfortable.

Second thing that was the most common mistakes parents living with autism make is they want to go too fast. And really you want to pace yourself in the autism journey.

We all know that we want to get our kid to be the best they can be and hopefully recover from autism. And what a lot of the doctors have told me is that you want to really pace yourself. One, to let the labs be your guide and two-- to work with your physician on the prioritization and the delivery of the different medical interventions.

The third most common mistake they felt families made was giving up too soon. And what you need to know is they're invested. They're looking at wanting to get the best for your child. But I tell you that when I got that and consolidated the hundred interviews with these physicians, most of the doctors who brought that up had tears in their eyes. They want you to know that they're in the fight with you and they want you to know that hope is really real. It may take hard work and it may take time, but to not give up and to stay in the game.

So let TACA help you, we'll have some more TACA Facts for you in the future. Real questions and real answers for the autism journey.

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