We Promote Testing, Not Guessing

In the SpectrumABLE program, we encourage professional and safe lab tests to ensure that your time, money, and efforts are not being wasted. So many programs and practitioners are playing guessing games and this can be very dangerous if you're not careful and treating the right deficiency. All SpectrumABLE members will receive access to all our of lab testing partners and will get the member preferred pricing. Here are some of the more popular tests that you'll have access to...

Organic Acids Test

This will tell us about fungal and bacterial load, oxalates, mitochondria, neurotransmitters, detoxification markers, amino acids, and more

Non-Metal Chemical Toxic Profile

This will tell us about levels of environmental toxins in the body and brain. 

Toxic Metals & Essential Elements

This will tell us about heavy metal toxicity and also essential minerals.

IgG Food Map with Candida and Yeast

This will tell us about food allergies & intolerances as well as candida and yeast.