Here is a great quick video about Gut and Psychology Diet Detox Baths with Cara from Health, Home and Happiness! Detoxification baths are an effective way to help your child absorb more nutrients and minerals by soaking them in through the skin, especially when they are picky eaters and aren't getting the nutrients in otherwise! Plus they are also a great way to help extract harmful heavy metals and other toxins from the body too. 


I've included the transcript of Gut and Psychology Diet Detox Baths with Cara below in case you'd rather read through than watch and listen. Enjoy!

"You'll notice in your book each day it recommends a detox bath. And so we alternate between seaweed powder. This is all what's recommended in the GAPS book. We do a detox bath every day and that helps. The Epsom salt has magnesium and sulfur and this is the Epsom salt I buy. It's just at Costco. I think for two big bags like this, it's like six bucks. It's super cheap. You can get it at pretty much any drug store. Use one cup of Epsom salt. You're supposed to stay in the bath for about 20 minutes. So this has the magnesium and sulfur.

Baking soda, also from Costco. One cup, and this just changes the alkalinity of your bath water. And so that's just a different way to pull toxins out. Let stuff in.

Apple cider vinegar, this changes the acidity of your bath water. If you don't want to use good raw apple cider vinegar because we're using a cup of it every four days, go ahead and grab the jug of apple cider vinegar, again at Costco. It comes in a two gallon pack and it's like three bucks.

So these are the three detox baths that I use. I don't have any of the seaweed powder with me here right now, but I tried doing the seaweed powder like was recommended. It made such a big mess and I just couldn't deal with it. But the seaweed is great. It has the iodine and it has other trace minerals from the sea, which is great for your body, great for you.

If you want to, you could use the Dead Sea salts and it's going to get similar properties into your bath water without having that green ring where you have to scrub your tub after each thing. And like, because I was bathing children in it, it made the kids all green and getting all the green rinsed off, it just wasn't working for me.

So I skipped the seaweed part of the bath. So I just wanted to talk about detox baths, lots of questions about that. If you can't get your kids in the bath, if that's like a sensory issue, they don't want to do a bath or you don't have time to do a bath for you. If you don't have time to do a bath, go ahead and just plug up the bathtub while you take a shower, put your stuff down there, your feet will absorb all that is needed. For Epsom salts especially. And that's what I noticed.

If I'm not doing my detox baths, if I'm not getting the magnesium and the sulfur from those baths, I noticed either I would get foot cramps or I noticed that my sleep isn't as great as it had been. So I get plenty from just plugging up the tub and taking a shower and my showers are like, I'm a mom, my showers are like five, seven minutes, so I'm not doing the whole 20 minutes in a warm bath.

Ideally you'll do 20 minutes in a warm bath, with the addition added to the bath and then you can either wash off or get out or take your shower or whatever. But if you're short on time and you need to just plug up the shower, I would rather have you do that with that in the tub.

Your feet will continue absorbing what they need to absorb. A and that's a good solution for kids, kids that don't want to do this, for kids that don't like to take baths and they're not taking showers either, or you just don't want to get your kid to deal with the whole bath time thing every day. I totally understand that. For that, you can put it in like a tub, like a Rubbermaid tub, fill it with warm water, and then just add whatever your detox stuff is, and let them play with cars or let them put their feet in it.

Again, you're getting their hands to submerge in that detox bath water, or you're getting their feet to submerge and they'll get the benefits from that. It's not perfect but it's better than nothing. So I just wanted to give you those tips for detox baths. They're really pretty easy. They're pretty soothing and we really enjoyed them, and saw a benefit from them."

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