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SpectrumABLE Stories

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Dr. JC


Lyndsy amazes me with her intelligence and hard work. I have learned so much from her. I feel positive energy has so much to do with healing and Lyndsy's whole personality is positive and beautiful.

I have a 6 year old on the spectrum and in these few weeks the changes I have seen in him are nothing less than a miracle. It was the best experience ever in this journey to heal my son. Thank you Lord for introducing me to Lyndsy. 

Jessica Scurrah


Noah has made loads of progress in the last few months since working with you. His eye contact is much better. His stimming has reduced by about 60%. He no longer vagues out and spins objects for hours on end. And he has started to approach people to say 'hi' and 'bye'. He showers his dad and I in hugs and kisses all day long and we actually went to a real restaurant last week and had lunch together! You have been a game changer for us. I am so very grateful and feel we are now on track to recovering our son.

Nadine Lloyd


We started the Gut Healing Guide course with my 5-year-old son 9 months ago. When we started, he wasn't talking, only inconsistent approximations, outbursts, etc.

We had an IEP meeting with his preschool teacher yesterday and she shared that he no longer needs his PECS book because he's now able to talk! I'm so thankful for Lyndsy's teaching, the healing diet, and hope for the future.

Rotoya Goodwin


This course is phenomenal. I’m really serious, I’ve taken a lot of programs and this course is phenomenal. I’m just like this is amazing and the fact that the price is so affordable is just a testament for your love and care for families.

We appreciate your support, your effort, your time, I know I’m speaking for all the ladies, but we’re all better for it. 

Kristy Tucker


We have seen more miracles with The Gut Healing Guide in the first week than 2 years of therapy. We had tried everything, different diets, different supplements. Our son is more verbal, we had our first conversation with our son, he is toilet training himself, sleeping through the night, minimal stimming, and amazing us every day. For anyone having doubts, you have nothing to lose, believe in the process. Thank you Lyndsy for the support you have given us to help our son. 

Ockham Wood


We are so excited we had our first positive toilet training experience in 9 years. Gavin went to the bathroom for the first time ever, then calmly turned and flushed as if he had been doing it for years.

It's a game changer. Just taking those extra few steps eliminating a few more things and adding more positive things has made a real difference. Thank you.

Christy Sloan


My son’s mood, eye contact, and willingness to try new foods has already started improving. He spent some time with my mom today hand he usually has a hard time when I’m not with him. My mom said he said happy and gave her a hug. She said he was like a different kid. My mom does not sugar coat things so that was huge. Thank you for all that you’ve done to put together such a wonderful resource. I know God put you in my path and I am so grateful.

Lebogang Chioma


I just wanted to say thank you for your help, I have seen so many changes. My son is now potty trained and trying to say words. Not constipated anymore, that was a nightmare for him. He loves to hug us now and loves attention.

He is doing so well. Yesterday I gave him a drink and he said "thank you." Thank you so much Lyndsy. I really appreciate your help and support. You are a God sent for me and my son. 

We Promote Testing, Not Guessing

In the SpectrumABLE program, we encourage professional and safe lab tests to ensure that your time, money, and efforts are not being wasted. So many programs and practitioners are playing guessing games and this can be very dangerous if you're not careful and treating the right deficiency. All SpectrumABLE members will receive access to all our of lab testing partners and will get the member preferred pricing. Here are some of the more popular tests that you'll have access to...

Organic Acids Test

This will tell us about fungal and bacterial load, oxalates, mitochondria, neurotransmitters, detoxification markers, amino acids, and more

Non-Metal Chemical Toxic Profile

This will tell us about levels of environmental toxins in the body and brain. 

Toxic Metals & Essential Elements

This will tell us about heavy metal toxicity and also essential minerals.

IgG Food Map with Candida and Yeast

This will tell us about food allergies & intolerances as well as candida and yeast.

Dominic's Recovery Story

My son had a very, very severe nonverbal, self-injurious autism until the age of 5 as you can see in the video. This video starts out with us actually 2 years into our biomedical journey, I was never going to give up. It wasn't easy by any means, but now I am so happy to say it was all 1,000,000,000% worth it. 

Who SpectrumABLE is For?

autism mom

Autism Parents

At SpectrumABLE, we understand the unique challenges and joys that come with raising a child on the autism spectrum. Our resources are tailored specifically for autism parents, providing essential support, practical strategies, and a compassionate community. We are here to empower you with knowledge and tools to help your child thrive, ensuring that you never have to navigate this journey alone. With SpectrumABLE, you gain access to expert advice, personalized guidance, and a network of fellow parents who share your experiences and understand your needs.

man with autism

Those w/ Autism & ADHD

SpectrumABLE is dedicated to supporting individuals with autism and ADHD in unlocking their full potential. We offer a range of resources designed to address your unique needs, from personalized strategies to enhance daily living skills to tools for managing sensory sensitivities and improving focus.

Our community fosters an environment of understanding and acceptance, where you can connect with others who share similar experiences. At SpectrumABLE, we believe in celebrating your strengths and providing the guidance you need to navigate life's challenges confidently.

autism doctor


SpectrumABLE is a valuable resource for doctors and practitioners dedicated to providing the best care for individuals with autism and ADHD.

Our platform offers cutting-edge research, evidence-based practices, and practical tools to enhance your clinical approach.

By staying informed with the latest advancements and treatment strategies, you can offer more effective and compassionate care to your patients. 

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The course was awesome. You made it easier for me. My son started to feel better, his understanding has increased a lot, he's more aware and vocalizing more. It was one of my best decisions I made in my life.


I have seen improvement in her speech. Her therapist came over yesterday and was blown away. She sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She said all her alphabet and their sounds! Thank you so much for all your help! She's doing so well.

Le'Cetra arrington

I have been noticing improvements in him daily. He is now repeating what ever I say!

I'm so happy to share the improvements my toddler is making! 


My son is now making eye contact, eating independently with a spoon and trying new foods. We are seeing improvements every day. 

Mia francis


My child is 16 years old and has severe autism. Is it too late for us to begin the healing process? 

While we find it is best to begin the healing journey as soon as possible, we never discourage people from implementing the SpectrumABLE protocol no matter the age. We've seen success from all ages, even with adults. 

How Is this program different from all the other programs out there? 

In the SpectrumABLE Protocol, we place an emphasis on professional lab testing to ensure that we're treating the right ailments and deficiencies. Far to many programs are dangerously throwing medical spaghetti against the wall and praying for miracles. This can be very risky and why we like to get as many concrete biomarkers as we can so we can address each child's specific needs. 

My child is a severe picky eater. How can I get them to eat the foods you suggest?

We are all too familiar with picky eaters. Dominic was the pickiest eater I've ever seen and would only eat chicken for the longest time. However, we've discovered different ways to offer and present food that has been successful for many of our clients. 

I've tried everything and worked with the best doctors in our area. How Can you assure me this will work?

While we can never promise positive results for every individual, we've had tremendous success with "non responders" and people who've seen no progress with other programs. 

What if we decide the program isn't right for us? 

Every member is protected with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If at anytime during the first month you feel it's not for you or your child, simply reach out to our helpful support department and they'll be happy to grant you a prompt refund of your purchase. 

Simple and Easy.

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