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Autism Recovery with Krista Vance

By spectrumABLE / September 21, 2019

In this video, Krista Vance shares some emotional details about her son’s Autism recovery journey. As a fellow Autism mom myself, it’s hard to hold back the tears. She wrote the book Meet Jamie Now: A Life Free of Autism. Click here to get a copy for yourself.  Here is a transcript of the video if […]


Can My Child Still Recover From Autism?

By spectrumABLE / April 3, 2019

Here Dr. Jonathan Tarbox, PhD, BCBA-D, who is also the Program Director of the Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis program at the University of Southern California, as well as the Director of Research at FirstSteps for Kids answers the popular question, “Can my child still recover from autism?” Watch the video to find out […]


Can Individuals with Autism Recover?

By spectrumABLE / March 30, 2019

Here is a short video by Lisa Ackerman, the founder of TACA, with an inspiring message. Lisa Ackerman is the founder of TACA which stands for the Autism Community in Action. TACA has provided massive amounts of education, support and hope to families living with autism including my own. play Hi, this is Lisa Ackerman, […]