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Preventing Autism with Dr. Green

By spectrumABLE / September 26, 2019

Dr. John Green says preventing Autism IS possible! Learn more about how to prevent Autism Spectrum Disorders and have a healthy, happy baby with Dr. Green. Below is the transcript regarding the prevention of Autism with Dr. Green if you’d prefer to read rather than watch. Enjoy! “Hello my friends, I’m Dr. John Green, the founder […]


Dr. Green Discusses Caring for Children with Autism

By spectrumABLE / April 6, 2019

Here our amazing doctor, Dr. John Green, discusses his approach to caring for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Although, it could be argued that this is the approach all parents should take for all children. Watch below or read the transcript if you prefer! Below you’ll find the transcript of Dr. Green discussing caring for […]